Make Money with Host Chipmunk




Host Chipmunk Affiliate is a marketing program that allows our affiliates to earn extra cash when they refer customers to our website. It is a great opportunity to earn risk-free income as you need not pay any fees to become our affiliate. Just advertise our products and services through ad banners and a unique link provided by us and start earning commissions on every qualifying sale made through them.

Earn Recurring Commissions

The best part of our affiliate program is that your commissions are recurring. This means you get paid for as long as your referral continues using our web hosting service! Moreover, you are not required to run a website or know HTML to become our affiliate marketing partner. All these technicalities, from payment to customer support, will be handled by us.

How much Money can You Earn?

You can make significant money out of our affiliate program depending on your referral sales. In order to make it clear how profitable our Web Hosting Affiliate Program can be, following is a sample of what you can earn as our affiliate every month (Assuming your referral makes a monthly recurring payment for their plans, this is what you will earn monthly)


Client Price/yr Commission Your Earning/yr
1 x Chip 3 client (Basic Web Hosting) $180 20% $36

Affiliate FAQ

What is an Affiliate?

An Affiliate is an individual or organization that refers customers to the website by means of ads and earns a commission on every qualifying sale.

How does it work?

To become our Affiliate partner, you need to sign up for Host Chipmunk billing account and activate the Affiliate program. Once you activate, you will get access to our wide range of banners and promotional materials that you will have to use to attract prospective customers to our website. When the client clicks on that banner, he will be redirected to our website landing page. Once he successfully signs up for our hosting package, you will start earning a recurring commission.

How does the recurring commission work?

Recurring commission means you will receive a continued commission as long as your referral continues using the web hosting service of Host Chipmunk. In case the product/service has been upgraded or downgraded, the amount of commission you receive will be based on the price of the new product.

What affiliate marketing materials are provided?

We will give you a unique referral link that redirects to the Host Chipmunk website. You will also be given a range of different banners with codes to choose from that you can embed in your blog or website to drive visitors to Host Chipmunk website.

How do I manage my affiliate account?

You can easily manage and monitor your affiliate account and referrals through the Billing Client Area in the Host Chipmunk Affiliates page.

How do I track my earnings?

You can easily track your earnings in the Affiliates page.

What are my cashout options?

You can either choose to pay via Bank Transfers or Paypal. All you need to do is provide the necessary account details to our Billing Department ( You also get the option to apply it as credits to your existing hosting services.