Prevent Data Theft & Loss

Worst scenarios come unexpected, be it associated with life or web security. When a cyberattack occurs, you don’t realize the same until you have lost several dollars due to data infringement. In fact, it has been found that Singapore businesses lost about $2 billion due to loss and downtime in one year alone. Since businesses are becoming more connected to the Internet and more transactions are handled digitally, this calls for the need of a robust security solution in place.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer)

Host Chipmunk's SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) service creates a trusted environment where customers feel secure in doing transactions online. It validates the domain name owner and the legitimacy of your company as a legal entity, to establish a secure and encryped connection between your web server and your visitors' web browser. SSL is the most widely deployed security protocol used by millions of websites to protect their customer’s online transactions and privacy.

Email Protection

We provide best-in-class email security for your business with our easy-to-implement, scalable, and affordable mailbox protection application. Our Email Protection service helps you protect both inbound and outbound emails from viruses, spam, phishing emails and other cyberattacks. This ensures business continuity and also meets organization’s compliance requirements. We make sure that email is the least thing for you to worry about.

SSL For Free

100% Free Forever

We provide all of our clients with a free SSL certificate to increase their website's security. Never pay for SSL again!

Widely Trusted

Our free SSL certificates are trusted by 99.9% of all major browsers and devices. Thus, we provide round-the-clock confidence in your website’s security.

Enjoy SSL Benefits

SSL lets you enjoy a host of security benefits. It protects user’s data, makes online transactions secure, improve search engine rankings and prevents cyberattacks.

Email Protection For Free

99% Anti-Virus & Malware Protection

Widely Trusted

Unlimited Email Accounts Coverage

Unmetered Incoming Email Checks

SSL & Email Protection FAQ

What is an SSL certificate?

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is a digital certificate used to establish a secure and encrypted connection between a user’s browser and a website using SSL technology. The certificate authenticates the identity of a website and validates the establishment of online connection. While browsing a website, you may notice an on-screen presence of a small padlock icon or a website address that begins with “https://…”. These signs indicate that the site you are connecting to is secured by an “SSL certificate”.

Why do I need an SSL certificate?

SSL Certificate protects the sensitive information of a website’s user such as usernames, passwords, credit card information, etc. It also:

  • Keeps data secure between servers
  • Makes digital transactions safer
  • Increases your Google Rankings
  • Builds/Enhances customer trust
  • Improves conversion rates
Why do you provide FREE SSL?

We care about our clients and their web security. Hence, we provide all of our clients with a free SSL certificate in order to deliver best user experience.

How does email protection helping me?
  • Ensures that your normal business operations are not disrupted due to email security breaches or human error
  • Provides security solution that can be easily managed and activated directly from account
  • Can work flawlessly with all the major Email clients (E.g. Mac OSX Mail, Outlook, etc)
  • Provides 99% filter accuracy and reliability, which means it only blocks spam and malware and not your important emails
  • Provides peace of mind delivered at affordable rates along with your web or email hosting account
Why can you provide FREE email protection?

We care about our clients and their email security. Hence, we provide all of our clients with a free Email protection in order to deliver the best user experience.